Food Myths That Make You Miserable 
But Won't Make You Skinny
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You do NOT have to be miserable to lose weight.
There’s a good chance you're falling victim to some lies about what it takes to lose weight. You have beliefs about food that will only make you miserable, but NOT help you slim down, get fit, or improve your health. And that’s exactly what I cover in this report.
Why be miserable if you don't have to be?
Here ARE just a few of the things you'll learn ...
  • ​A super popular weight loss "trick" that just makes you super hungry but does NOT make the scales move.
  • ​The biggest weight loss lie that causes people to crash n' burn instead of get results.
  • Should you do a detox or cleanse to "reset your metabolism?" If so, how?
  • ​How you can eat carbs and still lose weight!
  • ​Plus - a common tactic people use to try to drop weight ... but it's actually kind of DANGEROUS and can land you in the emergency room!
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